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Welcome to our website.           

        European Centre for the Management Company and the Administration Real Estate Professional provides comprehensive services in the field of management and administration of several types of real estate, having vast experience and innovative solutions:
•commercial real estate - office, retail, manufacturing, warehouse, hotel, entertainment;
•family residential, multi-family housing communities;
•private property;
•special properties - churches, hospitals, schools, military facilities, highways, golf courses, swimming pools;
•public property,
•industrial property - economic zones.

           Over seven years of experience and operation of the property market, our company has been built on solid foundations on which the existing business.
           We have a qualified team consisting of:
•experienced licensed managers have liability insurance;
•experienced administrators,
•technical staff of its powers;
•licensed accountants have liability insurance;
•an experienced General Counsel;
•experienced strategist;
•and for owners / property-licensed real estate consultant having liability insurance.

           Its task is to realize your needs, first of all, to restore confidence and to achieve a satisfactory level of optimal maintenance costs. Extensive technical and openness to innovation, makes us flexible to provide comprehensiveness of services w / in the types of real estate and also provide custom:
•financial and accounting services for the w / real estate;
•legal services for real estate;
•acquisition of real property;
•support for the establishment of Community Developers and housing;
•professional maintenance and operating w / in real estate;
•real estate consulting;
•search areas for investments, preparation and execution of the project;
•electrical service, computer networks and other networks and small repair services.
          We offer a reliable comprehensive service of the highest level, based on the principles of cooperation and mutual respect. Our operational activities on a full commitment, conscientiousness and integrity.    
           If you are interested in obtaining a quotation for a specific property or need any advice please send us an inquiry or give us a call or
contact our office.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the information provided on this website.

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